Mindful March Challenge: Be more focused, less stressed, and happier.

Mindful March Madness!

Help Us Create a Mindful World

How much would you devote to an activity that decreases your anxiety, improves your sleep, and makes you happier? Practicing mindfulness has many physical and emotional benefits. To promote a more mindful world, Aviva Education is devoting the month of March to helping you learn how to be more mindful. You can reap these benefits and teach the children in your life these skills. There is no cost, except for the time you devote to yourself. Start by subscribing to receive your starter kit.

Starter Kit

  • Mindful March Activity Calendar
  • e-book: Mindful Schools
  • Lesson Plans
  • Access to Aviva’s Teacher Toolkit
  • Teaching Mindfulness in 2021 Webinar
  • Aviva Mindfulness Course 25% Discount

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Written by Eric Hamilton, the Director of Aviva Education, an international organization dedicated to creating a more mindful and thriving world through education. Eric has served the global education community for over 25 years as a mathematics teacher, curriculum coordinator, principal, and director of schools in the United States, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.