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Aviva had the pleasure of attending #PESA2018.  The Positive Education School Association held their annual conference at Geelong Grammar School in Geelong, Australia.  There were over 800 delegates in attendance and a dozen countries represented.

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PESA lessons learned

3 Reasons Positive Education is Revolutionizing Teaching

Positive education is a direct challenge to traditional education. Schools around the world are implementing it into classrooms, catalyzing a shift in their culture that boosts achievement, reduces stress, and increases happiness of both teachers and students.positive education

Instead of encouraging …

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positive education

3 Ways to Improve Your Relationships with Mindfulness

To start off our discussion on relationships, let’s start with one relationship in particular: your relationship with meditation and mindfulness. What do you see when you picture meditation? Do you see a solitary yogi on a cushion, eyes closed, thumb …

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Spanish Connection: ¿Cómo educar para la felicidad?

Esta semana, presentamos un blog español para nuestros amigos de los paises Latino Americanos sobre la experencia del Colegio Gimnasio Moderno y su modleo de Educación Positiva. Es escrito por Juan Sebastián Hoyos Montes, Vicerrector del Colegio Gimnasio Moderno.

This …

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4 Myths About Mindfulness Meditation in Education

Despite growing social acceptance and scientific evidence showing the benefits of mindfulness, many are still resistant to the idea meditation, especially when it’s being taught to their children. In order to be successful when integrating a mindfulness program into your …

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4 myths of meditation in the classrom

Always Happy: How to Savor the Past, Present and Future

I was getting ready to teach my next professional development on gratitude and happiness. To prepare, I was happily reviewing some of my favorite books on positive psychology, when I opened Sonja Lyubomirsky’s book, “The How of Happiness”.

In this …

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Savoring each moment

5 Proven Ways to Improve Classroom Culture

Before I became a teacher, I assumed that they had no effect on the culture of the classroom or the way students behaved in their class. Either teachers got lucky with motivated, compassionate group of kids or they just happened …

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